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Curcumin Yellow Root Test Kit

Discover the transformative power of Cortiba Health’s Yellow Root Curcumin

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Why increasing solubility of turmeric /curcumin may not increase the bioavailability in-vitro predictions.  

The classical approach to bioavailability enhancement of poorly water-soluble turmeric is with solubility enhancers such as co-solvents, surfactants, and emulsifying agents. However, depending on the rate-limiting factors for turmeric absorption, simply increasing the turmeric solubility may not have a significant impact on the bioavailability.

There is an interplay between solubility and permeability that can be evaluated using in vitro flux/permeability testing. This can provide valuable insight into the potential factors limiting bioavailability and should be characterised before choosing a bioavailability enhancing formulation approach.

This approach can also be used to compare release and absorption of the different formulation.
With our brand new testing kits, you can find out for yourself just how effective Yellow Root Curcumin is in comparison to supplements from similar brands.

How does it work?

The Cortiba Health Test Kit analyses the performance of Yellow Root Curcumin, by looking at how well it’s absorbed into the bloodstream from the gastrointestinal tract versus other Curcumin/Turmeric products.

With our kit, you’ll be able to compare how other Curcumin and Turmeric brands perform in terms of:
  • Permeability (how well it is absorbed into the bloodstream)
  • Solubility
In just minutes, you’ll be able to view the results. All you need to do then is write them down and pass them back to your Cortiba Health Test Kit provider.

How to use the kit

The kit is quick and easy to use.

Step 1 
Firstly, you need to prepare the two samples. Take the two containers provided in the kit. To one of the containers, add three drops of the Cortiba Yellow Root sample. To the other, add suggested dose per serving of the other test sample. Please crush tablets and open capsules.

Step 2
Add 50 ml of water to each container and gently swill.
Step 3
Once you’ve added the two samples, check each one to see if they have both dissolved in the water. Use a spoon to mix well.

Step 4  
You should notice at this point that the solution containing Yellow Root dissolves more quickly, whereas the turmeric in the other sample settles at the bottom of the container, or takes longer to dissolve.

Step 5
Once you’ve checked how well the two samples have dissolved, take the syringes and fill each one with one of the solutions.

Step 6
Now the solutions are in the syringes (pre-filter), attach one of the filter membranes provided to each of the syringes. Then pass them out through the filters by pressing the syringe down, into the collecting stations below. Each solution needs to go into a different collection station (post filter).

Step 7
Now observe the two post filtered solutions and check the colour and solubility. Make a note of your observations.

Step 8
You should also check the filter membranes to see whether any of the samples were retained on the filter as they passed through. If traces of the samples remain on the filter, it shows that the sample has not fully absorbed and is not bioavailable. This means it cannot be easily absorbed by the body.

How are the results recorded?

During the test, the following results will be recorded:

  • Transparency – is the collected sample (post-filter) in the container a transparent and vibrant yellow colour? If yes, the Curcumin has fully dissolved.
  • Taste – does the sample (post-filter) taste good or bad?
  • Solubility – is the sample (pre-filter) soluble or not? Has it dissolved when mixed with the water?
  • Absorption – how well does the sample absorb?
  • Stability – how stable is the sample? If it is stable, the water and the sample will not separate when passed through a filter.

These results will allow you to clearly compare the two samples.

What does the kit contain?

Each kit contains everything you need to carry out the test:

  • 4 blocks to build a stand for the containers during testing
  • 2 syringes
  • 2 filter membranes
  • 2 collecting stations
  • 2 containers one for each sample

Get your kit

Order your kit directly from Cortiba.

Retail stores can also order these testing kits in bulk to demonstrate or sell to their customers.