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Unleashing the true potential of turmeric curcumin
cortiba lyrus

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop innovative nutritional supplements, based on ground breaking technologies. We want to make a positive impact on people’s lives, offering nutritional support through innovative products.

We are committed to producing products that not only support the health and vitality of our consumers, but also represent a genuine advance on existing products.

With a firm focus on quality, all our products are manufactured in accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) – the most stringent of UK quality standards.

Yellow Root Vitamin D3

What makes our supplements different?

Yellow Root Liquid Curcumin supplements are:

  • task_alt Backed by doctors, scientists, and technologists around the globe
  • task_alt Supported by a rigorous scientific programme and multiple clinical studies
  • task_alt Created using ground-breaking, patented C3 Cura™ Advanced Absorption Technology
  • task_alt Designed to offer maximum absorption, with minimal burden on the body
  • task_alt Manufactured in line with cGMP standards
  • task_alt Shipped to countries worldwide via our global support network

Pure gold derived from turmeric

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Yellow Root vitamin A
Yellow RootVitamin A
Yellow Root vitamin B12
Yellow RootVitamin B12
Yellow Root vitamin D3
Yellow RootVitamin D3