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Yellow Root Curcumin

See how Yellow Root Liquid Curcumin compares to other supplements

Seeing is believing!

With our brand-new testing kits, you can see for yourself just how effective Yellow Root Curcumin is, compared to supplements from similar brands.

In its pure form, curcumin has a difficult time being absorbed into the body. But, thanks to our unique formula, your body can absorb maximum levels of curcumin faster, and more efficiently.

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How does it work?

The Cortiba Health Test Kit allows you to compare the performance of Yellow Root Liquid Curcumin with a similar supplement.

Looking at factors such as solubility, absorption, and stability, you’ll be able to see how well Yellow Root Curcumin is absorbed into the bloodstream, in comparison to other products.

The testing process is quick and easy, and the kit contains everything you need. Once you’ve recorded your results, simply return them to your Cortiba Health Test Kit provider and they’ll take care of the rest.

What does the kit contain?

Your kit will contain everything you need to carry out the test. You’ll simply need to add Yellow Root Liquid Curcumin, your other sample, and water. The kit contains:

Test Kit Box
4 blocks to build a filtration stand for the containers
Test Kit Box
2 syringes
Test Kit Box
2 filter membranes
Test Kit Box
2 collection bowls
Test Kit Box
2 containers, one for each sample

How to use the kit

Follow these steps to see how Yellow Root Curcumin compares to similar supplements.

Test Kit step 01
Step 1

You’ll need to start by preparing the two samples. To do this:

Take the two containers provided in the kit.

Add three drops of the Cortiba Yellow Root sample to one of the containers.

In the other container, add the suggested dose (per serving) of the other test supplement.

Remember to crush any tablets and open capsules.

Test Kit step 02
Step 2

Add 50ml of water to each container.

Gently swill them to mix.

Test Kit step 03
Step 3

Next, check to see if the samples have dissolved in the water.

Use a spoon to mix them both well.

Test Kit step 04
Step 4

At this point, you should see that the Yellow Root solution has dissolved more quickly. In the other sample, the turmeric will settle at the bottom of the container or will take longer to dissolve.

Test Kit step 05
Step 5

Take the syringes provided in the kit.

Fill each one with one of the solutions.

Test Kit step 06
Step 6

Attach one of the filter membranes to each of the syringes.

Press the syringes down to pass the solutions out through the filters and into the collecting stations below.

Each solution should go into a different collection station.

Test Kit step 07
Step 7

Now, observe the two filtered solutions and check their colour and solubility.

Make a note of your observations.

Test Kit step 08
Step 8

Next, check the filter membranes.

Were any of the samples retained on the filter as they passed through?

If any traces of the samples remain on the filter, it means that it has not been fully absorbed. This means it is not bioavailable and cannot be easily absorbed by the body.

Yellow Root Curcumin

How are the results recorded?

As you work through the steps above, you’ll need to record the following results and observations for both samples:

Transparency Is the filtered sample transparent and a vibrant yellow colour? This means the curcumin has fully dissolved.
Taste Try the filtered samples. Do they taste good or bad?
Solubility Is the filtered sample soluble? When mixed with the water, has it dissolved?
Absorption How well does the sample absorb?
Stability Does the sample separate from the water when passed through the filter? If not, it is stable.

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