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Our Journey

C3 Cura™ technology: Our journey to success

At Cortiba Health, the joint passion and expertise of two highly respected pharmaceutical service companies has pioneered the breakthrough of solubility.

Yellow Root Curcumin owes its ground-breaking absorptive capacity to C3 Cura™ Advanced Absorption Technology.

Now patented in 129 countries, discover our journey since 2012 and how we got to this point with our development cycle milestones timeline.


Technology focus and ideation

Our joint venture started with a deep focus on technology, analysing natural, plant based complementary formulations.


Technology development


Product development

Conducting in-depth formulation research as part of the product development of C3 Cura™ Advanced Absorption Technology.


Pre-clinical studies

Creation of C3 intellectual property.


Clinical proof 

2018 marked the commencement of clinical studies, together with Patent filing for C3 Cura™ technology.

---------- COMPLETED ----------

Our Yellow Root Curcumin supplements are:

  • The pharmaceutical pedigree, backed by doctors, scientists and technologists globally
  • Supported by a rigorous, scientific programme and clinical studies
  • Use ground-breaking, patented C3Cura™ Advanced Absorption Technology
  • Maximise absorption with minimum burden on body elimination systems
  • Boast reassurance of quality formulation with cGMP regulatory standard
  • Have a global support network and ships to countries worldwide

But our work doesn’t stop there:

---------- IN PROGRESS ----------

2019/20 has witnessed a wealth of activity and is only set to continue:


Product realisation and commercialisation

  • Product registration
  • Product extensions
  • Ongoing research on expansion and product pipeline
  • Global Patent on the technology

We've come a long way in nine short years, with our passion for innovation to precisely meet the most pressing health needs, who knows where we will be in the next nine!