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How Yellow Root Curcumin outperforms other turmeric supplements

Why C3 CuraTM absorption technology is such a major breakthrough

Turmeric, in its natural form, is poorly absorbed during digestion. Most turmeric supplements are derived from crushed turmeric and are, therefore, also poorly absorbed. This has been an ongoing challenge for turmeric supplement manufacturers. The core problem is low solubility – most of the dose passes straight through the system, because it is not water soluble.

C3 CuraTM is a unique, innovative and patented technology that transforms the poorly soluble natural compounds in turmeric* into radically soluble, nanonised form. What this means for Yellow Root Curcumin is a significant increase in stability as it passes through the stomach, and more active curcumin available to body systems.

With Yellow Root Curcumin, less is more

A fraction of the dose needed avoids unnecessary burden on body systems

Because Yellow Root Curcumin is so much more bioavailable than conventional turmeric supplements, a fraction of the dose is needed to achieve the same effect. In a study1 comparing the absorption of 5mg (4 drops) of Yellow Root Curcumin and 2000mg of curcumin powder, there was over 500 times greater absorption of curcumin into the bloodstream with Yellow Root after 30 minutes.

With this much smaller needed dose, less burden is placed on the organs of elimination, especially the liver. Because non-C3 CuraTM curcumin supplements contain more insoluble curcumin per dose, more must be ‘packed in’ to achieve the same effect – and more must also be cleared from the system. This makes Yellow Root Curcumin a very good choice for people whose systems are already burdened by, for example, prescription medicines.

No other turmeric supplement performs quite like it

  • Based on novel, patented C3 CuraTM Advanced Absorption Technology
  • High performance, soluble drops that are rapidly bioavailable
  • Minimal burden on body systems compared with other brands
  • Rigorous scientific evidence and pharmaceutical pedigree
  • Quality formulation with reassuring  cGMP regulatory standard
  • Strategic vitamins support healthy movement, immunity and metabolism