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How does Yellow Root Curcumin outperform other turmeric supplements?
Cortiba Health Yellow Root

C3 Cura™ Technology - A major breakthrough

In its natural form, turmeric isn’t very soluble. This makes it difficult for the body to absorb.

The majority of turmeric supplements are made using crushed turmeric. This means most of the dose passes straight through the body, because the curcumin isn’t water soluble.

C3 Cura™ Technology is the solution to this industry-wide problem.

Our unique, innovative, and patented technology transforms the poorly soluble natural compounds in turmeric into a radically soluble, nano-sized form. This means that more curcumin can be absorbed by the body faster and more efficiently.

No other turmeric supplement performs quite like it!

Cortiba Health Yellow Root

With Yellow Root Curcumin, less is more

Because the active ingredients in Yellow Root Curcumin can be more easily absorbed, a much smaller dose is needed to achieve the same results compared to other turmeric curcumin supplements.

In a study comparing the absorption of 4 drops (5mg) of Yellow Root Curcumin and 2000mg of curcumin powder, Yellow Root had over 500 times greater absorption into the bloodstream after 30 minutes.

As a result, less stress is put on the body’s organs, meaning less chance of any unpleasant side effects. This makes Yellow Root Curcumin a great choice for people who take other medicines, including prescription medications, which can create a burden on their bodies.

Yellow Root

No other turmeric supplement performs quite like it

What makes Yellow Root Curcumin unique?

  • task_alt It is formulated using unique, patented C3 Cura™ Advanced Absorption Technology
  • task_alt The high performance, soluble drops are easily absorbed in the body
  • task_alt It offers the same performance for a lower dose, reducing the burden on the body
  • task_alt Backed by science and innovation
  • task_alt Manufactured in line with cGMP regulatory standards
  • task_alt Supports healthy movement, immunity, and metabolism

Pure gold derived from turmeric

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